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Energy Saving Tips

Fit adjustable vent covers on your vents. These can be closed over on cold nights but will still let in a small amount of fresh air.

By turning down your thermostat by just one degree you can save up to 3% off your annual heating bill.

Trapped air in Radiators can greatly reduce their performance. You should bleed them regularly.
Our staff will be happy to assist you with this on the day of installation.

Pull your curtains at night time as a lot of heat can be lost through your windows & ensure the curtains are not hanging down over your radiators.

Use extractor fans in kitchens & bathrooms only when they are needed. These fans can extract a large amount of the valuable warm air from your home.

Services » Cavity Foam Insulation Procedures

On arrival around 9am (unless otherwise stated) we will begin working on your home.

The Drillingwall drilling, cavity foam insulation, mullingar insulation

Drilling will start shortly after arrival. We drill 20mm holes (see pic)  usually into the outer leaf of your walls. Inside the house will be extremely noisy when the drilling is taking place so we recommend that you do not have small children / pets etc present during this stage. It will also cause vibrations on the inner leaf of your walls so we would recommend you remove loose pictures etc from walls & any valuables from window sills. If you live in a semi-detached house we would also recommend notifying your neighbours. Drilling normally takes approx 1-2 hours depending on the size of your home.

The Installingcavity foam, injection, mullingar insulation

Cavity Foam is mixed on site. Approx. an hour after we arrive we will start injecting. We inject each hole following a set pattern until each hole is full of insulation (see pic). This process normally takes 3-4 hours again depending on the house size & the width of the Cavity.

Patching Uppatched wall hole, insulation, mullingar insulation

We pride ourselves on refilling the drilled holes as close to the original finish as possible. We use a mixture of white cement and white sand as common house colours are a white or light colour. The cement mix will be fully dry in appox. 1 day depending on weather conditions. On pebble dash finishes we will place stones back into the holes so they will be almost invisible.

On brick finishes we will drill through the mortar joints between the bricks. Sometimes these joints will be narrow & brick corners will be brittle so some chipping can occur. We will repair the mortar lines as close to the original as possible.

The Clean Upcleaning, insulation, mullingar insulation

The Insulation process can create quite a lot of dust and mess. We will spend time cleaning up so you don't have to when we leave. We will wash all windows and window sills & footpaths around your home. (in some cases depending on the finish of your walls you won't even no we've been).