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Attic Insulation

FACT: 25% of Heat lost through un-insulated or poorly insulated Attic

Rolled Attic / Loft Insulation

Traditionally Attic Insulation consisted of 100-150mm of Rolled Insulation placed between the ceiling joists. The problem here was that the exposed joists were still leading to a major source of heat loss through the ceiling of the home and the thickness of the insulation was not adequate to prevent heat loss. Today’s strict regulations require at least 300mm of Attic Insulation. The method here is to fit 150mm of quilt Insulation between the ceiling joists and then roll another 150mm of Insulation the opposite way across the joists. This will eliminate them as a source of heat loss and bring your Attic Insulation up to the required thickness.

Top Up of Existing Insulation

Just because you can see Insulation in your Attic space doesn’t mean your Attic is efficiently insulated. We commonly come across Attics with 100mm of insulation poorly fitted between the joists. This will contribute to a major source of heat loss through the ceilings of your home.

How do I know if my Attic is properly Insulated

Contact Mullingar Insulation and on a quick inspection we can determine if your Attic has adequate Insulation. We will offer you a Free Quotation for any remedial work required. Attic Insulation can usually be completed in less than one day up to a very high standard.

Water Pipes and Tanks

All prices for Attic Insulation quoted by Mullingar Insulation include the lagging of all water pipes & water tanks within the Attic space. We can also supply & fit energy saving lagging Jackets for hot water cylinders.

Mullingar Insulation - Keeping Homes Warmer
All insulation work comes with a thirty year product guarantee.

Mullingar Insulation

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