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Cavity Wall Bonded Bead Insulation

Cavity Wall 

Cavity Walls are double leaf walls built with 4 inch solid concrete blocks. There is a gap between these leafs known as the “cavity” or “air space”. The width of this cavity can vary in size but is usually between 50mm & 150mm wide. 

What is Bonded Bead Insulation

Bonded Bead insulation is a system where small polystyrene beads are injected into the Cavity. At the point of injection each individual bead is coated with a special water based adhesive. The bead solidifies within the cavity to form an insulating mass which greatly reduces heat transmittance across the cavity.

A bonded bead fill will not affect the original function of the cavity, meaning your cavity can still breathe and water cannot transfer from the outer to the inner leaf of the building.  (pic of Bead)

It is ideal for new house builds and can be used in a cavity where existing insulating sheets are present once the remaining cavity is greater than 40mm in width.

What is Kingspan Ecobead?

The Kingspan Ecobead Insulation system is a combination of high performance insulated beads locked into tightly packed honeycomb matrix with a water based adhesive. Kingspan Ecobead is approved by the Irish Agrément board and the British Board of Agrément.

Kingspan Ecobead is the technology leader in loose fill cavity wall insulation. With over 50 years of combined experience insulating Irish homes, Kingspan Ecobead has consistently innovated to provide affordable and sustainable insulation solutions.

Kingspan Ecobead Platinum has a finished thermal conductivity of 0.033 W/mk. As Air is the insulating gas within the bead, Ecobead is guaranteed to sustain its thermal performance over the lifetime of your home. Even then Ecobead retains its sustainable credentials being 100% recyclable. 

Quality Assurance

Kingspan Ecobead is manufactured and installed under an ISO 9001:2008 Quality System Certification.

Kingspan Ecobead is approved by the Irish Agrément Board (Cert. No 05/0226)

Advantages of Eco Bead

1. It will not settle or crack within the Cavity.
2. Allows cavity to breathe and will not transmit water across the cavity.
3. It will perform for the life of the building.
4. It is 100% recyclable and is manufactured in Ireland.
5. Meets all building regulations
6. It will increase you U- Value and you will have a warmer home.
7. Increases BER Rating and the value of your home.
8. Can be installed with the minimum of fuss usually within one working day. 

So whether you’re planning on updating your existing home insulation or planning a new build or extension give us a call and we will be happy to offer you a free quotation.

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